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Thursday, October 12, 2006


If you've been tuning in for a new blog and kept finding the same old, same old, I apologize for being so remiss. I've been working on a project and time was at a premium. However, that is no excuse (or is it?).

Thankfully, just before my Blog almost went down in neglect, the cavalry, in the name of Blas (The Oldies Time Traveler) Vallejo, rode to my rescue. He came up with 40 more Baby Boomer Top 40 songs and saved the day until I can rise to a new task myself (couple of days).

Blas, who broadcasts his oldies show on: ( tune in and listen to some really good stuff)

sent me this email ...

"Hey Lloyd:

I read your blog and was impressed with the Boomer's Top 40 idea so this prompted me to make up my own. Thanks Lloyd for the inspiration. This was fun. Many of these song did not need to be changed they speak for themselves.


Blas is right when he says that some of the songs did not have to be changed to fit in the BB Top-40. I especially like "Drip Drop" by the Drifters

To help give the list a little authority, I 'm including a picture of me as I was sitting in for "Gary Bryan in the Morning" at oldies station KRTH in Los Angeles.

Had I had this list at the time, I might have announced, "And now ... The Baby Boomer Top 40 rides again!"

40.. Big Girls Huge Thighs/ Big Girls Don’t Cry-Four Seasons
39. Donna The Pre-Med DonnaDonna/ The Prima Donna/Dion
38. Drip Drop/Drifters
37. Get A Nose Job/The Silhouettes
36. Don’t You Step Up My Blue Shield Dues/Elvis/ Blue Suede Shoes
35. I Almost Lost My Mind/Ivory Joe Hunter
34. He’ll Have To Go/Jim Reeves
33. Operation Gone Bad-Put Your Head On My Shoulder-Paul Anka
32. The Examination-Don’t Make Me Over/Dionne Warwick
31. Let’s Think About Livin/Bob Luman
30. Breaking In A Brand New Broken Heart/Connie Frances
29. I’ve Hit Every Little Bar/Linda Scott/ I’ve Told Every Little Star
30. I’m Blue/The Ikettes
29. Anyone Who Had A Heart/Dionne Warwick
28. Blame It On Ginko Baloba/Eydie Gorme/Blame It On The Bossa Nova
27. One Broken Heart For Sale/Elvis
26. You’re The Reason I’m Living/Bobby Darin
25. I Guess You’d Say What Can Make Me Feel This Way, Midol (My Girl)/ Temptations
24. Extra Dose-(Exodus) Ferranti & Tiecher
23. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Bee Gees
24. A Change Is Gonna Come/Sam Cooke
23. I Can’t Help Myself/Four Tops
22. It’s Growing/The Temptations
21. Hey Mr. Dexedrine Man/The Byrds/ Mr. Tambourine Man
20. Nothing But Heartaches/Supremes
19. Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Kingston Trio
18. 19th Nervous Breakdown/Rolling Stones
17. Eight Miles High/The Byrds
16. Doctor Exam-Over Under Sideways Down/The Yardbirds
15. When I’m 64/The Beatles
16. I Can See Clearly Now/Johnny Nash
15. Doctor My Eyes/Jackson Brown
14. Hurts So Good/John Cougar Mellancamp
13. The Thrill Is Gone/BB King
12. Live & Let Die/Wings
11. So Very Hard To Go/Tower Of Power
10. You’re So Vain/Carly Simon
9. Touch Me In The Morning/Diana Ross
8. We May Never Pass This Way Again/Seals & Crofts
7. Go Where You Wanna Go/Fifth Dimension
6. Autumn Of My Life/Bobby Goldsboro
5. If I Can Dream/Elvis
4. Piece Of My Heart/Janis Joplin
3. I Wanna Live/Glen Campbell
2. And When I Die/Blood Sweat & Tears
1. Only The Strong Survive/Jerry Butler

Thanks Blas. We now have 80 songs. I have about 10 more I haven't posted yet. Just a few more and we'll have "The Baby Boomer Top 100 - Songs you can identify with"

Stay tuned


Blogger Mike Barer said...

Did you enjoy doing the Thaxton show? Are there any special moments you remember?

10:01 AM

Blogger Lloyd Thaxton said...

Hi Mike:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I didn't "enjoy" doing the Thaxton show. I LOVED doing the show.

And ... all the moments were special.


12:32 PM

Blogger Mike Barer said...

Another guy that I dug from that era was Paul Revere from where the Action is. He had that mugging and who would not like the 3 cornered hats and the uniforms.

12:58 PM

Blogger Gary said...

Personally, I LOVE the Raiders. Back then, some groups needed a "schtick" to gain popularity, and in my opinion the Raiders "schtick" were their uniforms. I LOVED THEM! I always wanted a 3-cornered hat!
I also think that it is because of the "schtick" that the Raiders will never get in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. They sold MILLIONS of records and I think it's a shame that they haven't gotten in yet, and probably never will. The "schtick" continues to this day, God love 'em!!

7:02 PM


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