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Thursday, January 03, 2008


As I write this, it is January 1, 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR! My day started out no different than all the days of 2007. I got up, popped a pop-tart in the toaster, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down to read the Los Angeles Times front to back. I still check CNN on the computer to get up to date on what happened during the last few hours, but my newspaper is my main man, not only for the news, but the story behind the news. I couldn't start my day without it (It doesn’t matter if I spill my coffee on the paper).

Today I discovered three articles that I just had to mention. Though they were completely unrelated, each one had to be written with the same state of mind. They just HAD to.

Article #1 was actually an editorial titled, "How Cliché." The hope of the editorial, as explained by the writer, was to "perform a public service by calling attention to a few "cringe-worthy turns of phrase that have been cluttering up the language in recent years." It was very cleverly written and one of the many clichés listed jumped right out at me, "THE YouTube GENERATION." The writer is tired of this cliché and suggests it be changed to, "Young People." File that one away as we go to ...

Article #2: In the same LA Times issue, there was the story, "The Reel Geezers," written by Patrick Goldstein.

The "Reel Geezers" are Marcia Nasatir and Lorenzo Semple, who have a popular movie revue show on YouTube.

Lorenzo was one of Hollywood's top screenwriters in the 1970s. He helped write movies for virtually every star of the day, notably Warren Beatty ("The Parallax View"), Robert Redford ("Three Days of the Condor"), Steve McQueen ("Papillon") and Paul Newman ("The Drowning Pool").

Marcia, is no slouch either. She was a longtime agent, pioneering woman production executive, and producer of such films as "The Big Chill" and "Hamburger Hill."

Now digest this: Lorenzo is 84 years old and Marcia is 81. So, what about the suggestion that the cliché, " YouTube Generation" be changed to "Young People?" If it's the exception that makes the rule, the "YouTube Generation" is not just "Young People" anymore.

Article #3 was about the pardoning and recent release of 77 year-old Sara Jane Moore. If you remember, Moore was given a life sentence in the 1975 attempted assassination of President Gerald R. Ford.

OK, here's the tie in between the presidential attempted assassination article, the Reel Geezers and the cliché, "YouTube Generation." James Hewitt, the now-retired federal public defender who handled Moore's case, said, "The public should not be alarmed by her release from prison. She is pretty close to becoming an old lady. She is probably too old to cause any damage."


A native of Charleston, W. Va., Moore was an on-again, off-again FBI informant who became enmeshed in radical politics after moving to the Bay Area. A peripheral player rather than a leader, she volunteered to help the Symbionese Liberation Army, the extreme leftist band that kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst.


Put all three of these articles together and you have a very strong case to get rid of the most cringe-worthy cliché that has been really cluttering up the language in recent years …


I was never so proud the day President Ronald Reagan stood at the Berlin wall and proclaimed, "Ich bin ein Geezer."

Stay tuned.


Blogger Gary558 said...

I think the writers who wrote those articles have a phobia against "old" people, and I'm still a young'n at 51 (soon to be 52).........I wonder if those writers are 23 year old oily faced little gits fresh out of college? I wonder what they think of about us "old" people who still like to rock and roll? Always're NEVER "too old" to rock & roll! After all, it was MY (our) G-G-G-GENERATION that started it all. I will end with a howl from the late, great Wolfman Jack.......HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLL!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK AND ROLL YOURSELVES TO DEATH, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are plenty of older (and just what is "older, anyway?") people who've cause damage. Just witness our political and corporate and religious landscape, which is littered with older people, and see the damage they've done.

8:47 AM

Blogger Lloyd Thaxton said...

Dear closetothegravemyself:

This is a good one.I love the fact that blog people can create their own nicknames.

I'm just guessing, but could you be Tim Burton?

If not, I find your moniker kind of "deadly." A "plot" to fool the
Mouse Cliquers. But, I can bier it. Actually, I really "dig" it.

Do you have a ghoulfriend?

Ahah! I got it now. You are the director of the Closetothegravemyself Funeral Home.

More clever nicknames please.



P.S. Don't send flowers.

10:06 AM

Blogger Gary said...

One of my aliases on another board is Justin Thyme. I've been using that "stage name" for close to 30 years now.
Thyme.....JUSTIN Thyme

11:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be having a senior moment, Lloyd. I'm actually not from Close to the Grave Myself Funeral Home, I'm far beyond that...

You're familiar with Death Takes a Holiday?

I'm their west coast representative.

5:34 PM

Blogger daniel said...

You are living proof that there is no such thing as too old!

Now it's time for you to get to the studio to start another show...Another generation needs it's Lloyd Thaxton!

2:18 PM

Blogger Mark said...

Lloyd - one of the thrills of my 14-year-old life (exactly so many years ago) was seeing you come to Luskin's, a pre=Best Buy sort of big box store here in suburban Baltimore. I waited in line for your autograph; it's probably somewhere over at my Mom's house to this day. You did a very good show, and I am glad to see you're still staying active and doing worthwhile things!

Mark Clark
Baltimore MD

7:10 PM

Blogger daniel said...

This is way off topic...But i just did a search for Lloyd Thaxton and i found a video that had been posted on January 7th...It's from The Lloyd Thaxton Show in 1965...Featuring Peter, Paul and Mary doing a rather rousing version of "Tell It On The Mountain"...At the beginning of the clip there you are...Introing the song!...

Here is the link to the clip:

7:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, Lloyd Thaxton! This site is fantastic! My earliest memories of TV are my older sister coming home from school and watching your show while telling me to get lost. I would sneak back in and watch from behind the couch while all her friends tried to dance along with the show then pop up and make fun of them all. "MOMMM! Get her out of here!"

Will you let me and my out of town visitors take you out to lunch next Friday? They're all staying in my hometown of Studio City CA and I need a celeb guest! They are all coming in to see Bob Cowsill, remember the Cowsills? He's playing at the Fox & Hound on Ventura Sat. night. Will you be our Friday lunch date, please please please? You name the place! We are all 60's music lovers and get together every January, real fun group of ladies, honest!!

Your fan, Katie

11:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh cripes, that's


Oh PS, even if you can't come, what is your fave Studio City restaurant? Just curious! Trying to think of somewhere we haven't been yet.

11:33 AM


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