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Friday, August 18, 2006


According to a recent TV survey, the most dangerous job in the world is logging. I was only half listening when the announcement was made and thought what had been said was, “The most dangerous job in the world is BLOGGING!”

Perhaps what helped amplify my confusion was that I had just read the above “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon. Stephan Pastis, who creates this wonderfully funny cartoon, shows a mouse being throttled for nagging a blogger because he never seems to get any comments. My immediate concern was: What if that cute little nagging mouse had been a member of the Lloyd Thaxton Mouse Clique? AND the blogger had been ME?

I’m kind of new at this, but my limited experience in this potentially dangerous field of blogging tells me the way to assure lots of comments (and to keep mouse throttling down to a minimum) is to pose outlandish and provocative statements that rile the reader enough to pick up pen and pencil (keyboard and mouse) and vent their own opinions by adding equally outrageous comments that would rile others into jumping on the rock band wagon. In other words, to keep our Mouse Cliquers safe, we must get some inciteful comments going.

Here’s one that’s well worth debating:

“Because of SUVs, cell phones, iPods, computers, 500 TV channels, and Paris Hilton, the teen-agers of today are far better off than the teens of the 60s.”

Anyone care to “comment on this?”

… OR, add their OWN annoying, CHALLENGING, disturbing, EXCITING, galling, GOADING, heady, INCENSING, inciting, INFLUENCIAL, inspirational, INSULTING, intoxicating, OFFENSIVE, outrageous, PROVOKING, pushing, SPURING, and stimulating observations?

Stay tuned.


Blogger Gary said...

Because of SUVs, cell phones, iPods, computers, 500 TV channels, and Paris Hilton, the teen-agers of today are far better off than the teens of the 60s.”

Are you kidding me? Let's look at this and compare......

US - 1965 Mustang Convertibles
THEM - cell phones
US - Walkie-Talkies (how cool was it to have a pair?)
THEM - iPods
US - a pocket transistor AM radio with an earplug to listen to the BEST music ever and it sounded GREAT! Made us what we are today.
THEM - computers
US - books (dictionary, encyclopedias, the library...we actually LOOKED THINGS UP to learn things)
THEM - 500 TV channels (and still nothing on)
US - 3, sometimes 4 channels and we couldn't make up our mind what to watch. We had NO remotes and turned the channel MANUALLY! I miss that.
THEM - Paris Hilton (they can have her)
US - Ginger, Mary Ann, Betty, Veronica......
THEM - hackeysack
US - sandlot baseball, sandlot football, frisbee
THEM - tv video games
US - sandlot baseball, sandlot football, frisbee....and going outside PLAYING WITH FRIENDS
THEM - American Idol
US - Ted Mack's Amateur Hour
THEM - rap
US - (ahem) LLOYD THAXTON, Jimmy O'Neill, Ed Sullivan

We win. Case closed.

7:02 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I'm with Gary.

7:21 AM

Blogger Lloyd Thaxton said...

I'm also with you Gary. What happened to jumping on your bike and taking off for the day? When I was a teen, this was heaven. The day was full of wonderful unplanned surprises.

Might have a great Idea going here. List all the things you like about your youth that your own kids just don't get.

Get creative Mouse Cliquers.


2:05 PM

Blogger Geno said...

I'm with Gary, too. I thought I was under a lot of pressure as a kid. But I'm amazed that *any* of today's teens come out halfway sane.

As for the number of comments that make for a successful blog ...

In radio, I always felt that if the phones weren't ringing, it means everyone's satisfied with what you're doing.

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comp list, Gary, we definitely win! I'll take 60s TV any day over what's on the tube today - hands down. I rarely even turn the TV on unless it's an old movie.

The list of all the things I like about my youth that my own kids didn't get isn't too long, but I'm expecting that the list of things my grandkids may not get is longer!

My kids (actually adults now!) can sing along with 60s songs because they listened to the music I listened to ... instead of having they're own personal headset in the house, the car and everywhere they went so they could listen to their own music.

My 3 year old grandson doesn't have his own headset yet, but he does have his own guitar. Now I just have to make sure he learns to play the "good" music on that guitar!

This wasn't exactly a list, but it's what came to mind.

10:45 PM

Blogger Gary said...

Come on, people! Where's your lists? Like Uncle L said, get creative....have some fun with this. You think your kids aren't making fun of us "old fogies" behind our backs? GET EVEN WITH THEM!

US-black dial telephones
THEM-cell phones with headsets, photos, and text messaging
US-riding bikes with NO helmets
THEM-riding bikes WITH helmets (sissies)
US-driving to the lake and having a picnic
THEM-jumping in the pool and going in the house to the refrigerator
US-straight leg pants (NO JEANS!) with tie shoes and dress shirt for school
THEM-baggy pants hanging half-way down their uno what, foul t-shirts, ripped clothing
US-girls wearing make-up
THEM-guys wearing make-up
US-girls wearing earrings
THEM-guys wearing earrings
US-falling down and skinning our knees
THEM-falling down and threatening lawsuits
US-please, thank you
THEM-uhhhhhh, can I? uhhhh, thanks, eh.
US-I went to the beach.
THEM-I, like, you know, oh my god, went to an awesome beach, you know, and I, like, freaked out!
US-so I asked "Would you like to go out to a movie?" And she said "I'd love to."
THEM- so I go "wanna go so see a movie" and she goes "yeeah that would be totally awesome" and I like "cool"


6:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I was going to bypass commenting, but the temptation (no Motown pun intended) was too great. Here goes:

US: JFK, LBJ, Nixon
THEM: GHWB, Clinton, GWB
EDGE: Us, only because one of ours was shot.

US: Dress codes, grooming policies, girls HAD to wear dresses to school.
THEM: Somewhere along the way, schools discovered, usually the hard, legal way, that students had First Amendment rights all along.
EDGE: Them.

US: All the crazy jalopies and colorful cars that we drove.
THEM: SUV's, various "Yuppie" cars.
EDGE: Them. Safer cars.

US: KRLA, KHJ, KFWB (Pre-1968), or if you were stuck in the Inland Empire like I was, KFXM & KMEN.
THEM: KROQ, The Beat, Indie 103, Satellite & Internet radio.
EDGE: Them.

US: Deborah Walley, Connie Stevens, Kam Nelson.
THEM: Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Christina Aguilera.
EDGE: Oh, please.

US: Sandy Koufax & title-winning Dodgers, USC Football, UCLA Basketball, Rams in Coliseum, no hockey.
THEM: Title-winning Angels, title-winning USC Football, rebounding UCLA basketball, no NFL, not much hockey.
EDGE: Hmmmm.

US: Bandstand, Thaxton, Shebang, Shindig, Hullabaloo.
THEM: MTV, VH1, Soul Train.
EDGE: Personally, I would have loved to have seen the Beatles, Stones, & Doors on something like MTV, so Them get the Edge here.

US: Vinyl that easily scratched & skipped.
THEM: CDs, while not perfect, take up much less space and hold up longer sound-wise.

US: Robert W. Morgan (rest his soul.)
THEM: Kevin & Bean
EDGE: Depends on your age.

6:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's my two cents. I'm a tad younger (I think) than some of you. I listened to Mr. Thaxton at the insistence of teen babysitters & became a fan in grade school.

US - Protested our predjudicial high school dress code so girls could wear pants & guys wouldn't have to cut their hair.
THEM - Wear their pants so their underwear shows & they have trouble walking. Hair? A lot of them shave it.
EDGE - It's gotta be US. How could they abuse the rights my sit ins & petitions provided them? lol!

US-Orange County, when there were orange groves, dairies, farms, lots of palm trees, Knott's Berry Farm Ghost Town, Disneyland & Uncle Walt.
THEM- The OC, traffic, Knott's whatever Berry Farm, Disneyland, traffic, strip malls, and more traffic.
EDGE - definitely US! Wish they could have been there then, to see what they're missing now.

US-One car per family.
THEM-One car per family member.
EDGE-a tough one. I'm happy everyone has a car or two, but it does contribute to the above-mentioned traffic, doesn't it?

US - Party lines (if you had a phone), libraries.
THEM - cell phones, IPODS, internet.
EDGE- Them - I love my cell phone, computer and the internet. What are the chances I could read Lloyd Thaxton's musings and better yet - respond & read other folk's comments without the net?

US-Face-to-face conversation in English sprinkled with the occasional slang word.
THEM-Slang and cussing, sprinkled with the occasional English word, usually via an electronic device- ya' know whut I'm sayin' dude?.
EDGE-Us, IMHO, but only if you know what I'm saying - dude.

I give US the big Edge in music overall. Case in point, when Paul McCartney played during halftime at the Superbowl, my teenage niece said, "He was just soooo boring. He just sat there the whole time." I explained who he is, and that he was playing instruments to songs he wrote and actually singing live, while "he just sat there".

Overall, I give them the final Edge. They are the future.
In the end, I hope they will be better stewards of the world than we and those before us were. And if some of them are a bit spoiled, we were the ones doing the spoiling, weren't we?

I think the kids today are terrific. I just wish they'd quit cutting their hair & pull up their pants. I really don't want to see their underwear or butt cracks, do you? Ya' know whut I'm sayin' dudes?

Anybody else want to weigh in?


9:33 PM

Blogger Mike Barer said...

Yea, but now they have a playground at McDonalds and a 24 hour cartoon network.

2:49 PM


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