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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The purpose of my blog is “Stories and insight in the world of showbiz and beyond.” If you will bear with me on this one particular posting, I would like to delve a little further into the “beyond” category.

A couple of mornings ago, I was listening to a radio talk show host who was discussing how he felt about celebrities expressing their opinions about the war in Iraq. For the 4,345,567th time, this particular host really pissed me off. Why do I keep listening? The truth is out. I like to yell at my radio.

This radio host (you all know who he is) stated, with a hint of hissing sarcasm, that celebrities should keep their political opinions to themselves because, “they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.” He seemed to forget that he is no more than a radio talk-show celebrity himself; yet, he just keeps on talking the talk.

Regardless of what Mr. Talk-show host says, I, a charter member and Head Cheese of the World-Wide Celebrity Mouse Clique, hereby offer my opinion in this WAR of words. I offer this with absolutely no doubt in my mind that I know what the hell I am talking about.

The Iraq war has been going on longer than World War II and we are still trying to secure the beach. Wouldn’t you think that we would at least be in Paris by now?

Most of us admit that we are in Iraq because of a lot of really bad decisions. Unfortunately, the cat is already out of the bag, the horse is out of the barn, and Pandora has stepped out of her box. We just can’t put everything back by packing up and leaving; At least not without a good plan. And, heaven forbid, we cannot … CANNOT … choose anyone close to the same leaders who botched the first plan to make the new plan.

In a well run business, if the big boss makes enough mistakes, the owners not only toss out this person, but anyone who had anything to do with his or her mistakes. Unfortunately, our constitution is kind of murky on how we can make any quick changes. By the time any of this type of action passes through the courts, Election Day will already be here.

However, it isn’t too late to start making your voting list titled:


Just about every republican now in power is on my list. Not that they are all bad guys, but, damn, we don’t want any of them back. There were a lot of nice guys on the Titanic crew, but would you want them at the helm of your next pleasure cruise vacation? It’s time for a crew change.

In “Pirates of the Caribbean,” the term “walk the plank” refers to a form of punishment where the bad guy is forced to walk off the end of a plank and drop into the sea.

In politics, the term "walk the plank" refers to a situation where leaders of a political party force rank-and-file members to make a potentially career-ending vote for the sake of party unity and passage of priority legislation.

The republican plank today is just a continuation of talking the same old talk and walking the same old walk and they’ve been walking on their plank long enough.


Stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I try to say it with some jokes. I try to tell my readers what this country is going through by zinging those people who are doing it to us. But I could never say it the way you just did.
LLoyd, You wrote it just right. Clearly and cleverly and with great understanding.
Any Republican reading your blog who feels anything about his or her country should take your well chosen words into their heart. They must vote AGAINST their party and FOR the country as a whole. We must get rid of this Red states vs. Blue states and turn this nation back to what it used to be, Red, White and Blue states.

8:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you and Mr. Albrechts comments AND Im a Republican !!!! LOL....

8:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Thaxton,

Every one of those politicians - and that loud mouth radio host - wears a suit and tie.

Give me a politician in a T-shirt, and I'll vote for him or her in a minute.


12:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I look at any ballot ... the first thing is ...DO NOT vote for ANY incumbent. They were in there when things went bad just as the crew on the Titanic. As Lloyd said why would you want them on the next cruse.

One other law that has to be changed or made. Is allowing the employees to vote in their own pay raise. I would love to be able to go to my employer and say "HEY GIVE ME A 15% PAY RAISE" He'd laugh me right out the front door. I'm lucky if I get a 2% raise. I think that's just ludicrous that congrass can do that. Pay raises should be voted on my the employer ... "US!!!"

I watched a movie the other day with Robin Williams.. MAN OF THE HOUR... it's just to freaking bad that we can't have a candidate like that running for that office. The people that do run are just like the ones that are being voted out. Looking to sit there and figure out how to make the most money without delivering anything to people.

It goes with our economics state.. the toad that took our money off the gold and silver standard to give it a floating decimal. So it could do better (on paper anyway) with other economies. It only screwed up the money in this country so bad that we are now paying 3 dollars for a gallon of gas, instead of .30 cents. The poor boob that works for basic wages is really getting the two by four stuck hard in the back side. Buying power wise you have to consider that the dollar is only worth a dime. (that's a rough average) And with that in mind you can see against everywhere else that person is only earning about .56 cents an hour.

Inflation is a baloon that's going to pop one day. It's going to make the crash of the 1930s look like a small walk in the park. The insanity that's going on here and everyway is very scary. But the gee hod guys remind me of the pilgrims in the early part of this country's history. IF you don't believe as I do you're the devil and you must die now. Gee's the number of people that died in that time because they were deemed possessed or called a witch and were killed just because some nut case who was "THE" person in charge said it's the law of GOD "YOU MUST DIE!"

When does the madness end? the answer is???

Well, I've gone far from what was the original point... but it all goes hand in hand. It's a never ending stream of stupidity. That will never end.

Robert V

1:53 PM

Blogger Gaylel said...

Hey Uncle Lloyd,

I was one of those idots who joined the Republican party after so many years of being a democrat (and traditionally my family is too because of the civil rights movement)and I bought into thinking that these guys were good and moral men--

I bought into the "Reagan Republicans", but guess what? these fools showed their true colors the past few years with scandals. The Craig and the Mc Greevey scandals was the last straw for these clowns.

Every american, whether they are in the religious right or not is now fed up because there is no health care for everyone, the real estate market is going down and the average pay check is shrinking by leaps and bounds, not to mention lay offs.

I'm considering coming back to the Democratic party. At least they have some new ideas.

But I'm wondering, if the person you are talking about goes by the name of either RH or BO'R?


2:49 PM

Blogger Gary said...

Sorry, Uncle Lloyd (and other cliquers), but I refuse to comment about politics OR religion. Everybody has certain beliefs or feelings about them and MANY times it can lead to arguing and even MORE hatred. Believe me, I know. I have my points of view and have lost friendships because I didn't believe in THEIR point of view, and I certainly don't want to lose any friendships here, so I will have NO COMMENT about this thread and say.......NEXT!

6:32 PM

Blogger Glenn said...

I have very fond memories of you and your dance show. There was a group of us that did the rounds 9th Street West, Shebang, but the best was your show. I was lucky enough to be selected a couple times to lip sink, remember Oh Sweat Pea?, terrible song. I won a hundred Clark Bars, a pair of slacks and a record player. But those were fun, fun days. Thanks for your show and I wish there was video I could show to my grandchildren. Let me know if there is one I could get. I hope you are doing well.

5:17 PM

Blogger Mike Barer said...

To Gary, although I am a Democrat and somewhat Liberal, I think that I can agree to disagree. Believe me there are plenty of stupid Liberals who have done stupid things. If you lost friends because of your point of view, they probably were not friends worth keeping.

8:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog via a link at Ken Levine's.

What a memory flogger: LLoyd Thaxton on channel 13, Soupy Sales on channel 7 and Baxter Ward in there somewhere, all at the same time. Brought to you by Thom McAnn shoes with Carlos Montoya as guest and LLoyd doing Off Your Rocker and the dueting the best lip sync ever, Mr. Bass Man, with the most hideous rubber mask available from the Hollywood Magic Shop.

Did I get any of that right? It has been 40+ years. Yours was always the best of the teenage dance shows, far and away the best--no offense to Dick or Sam or Real Don or even Michael Blodgett.

3:14 PM

Blogger daniel said...

Celebrities are often more qualified to talk about politics than the politicians they are talking about...And yes...I do know what talk show host you are thinking of...Every time a mighty wind blows...I think he must be making a personal appearance nearby.

6:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Big Talk knows his game and how to push the buttons of his followers and the other side. Never mind that he leaves out many of the facts and indulges in caricatures and name-calling.

Let's not forget that in the past Mr. Big Talk had many stays in rehab kicking addiction to painkillers and some related legal trouble. Which is exactly what several prominent young celebrities are doing today, so I guess they are now fully qualified to be top radio talk-show hosts.

And another like-minded talk show host expresses the opinion that entertainers should just entertain by naming one of her books Shut Up And Sing, ignoring the fact that the same First Amendment rights cited by politicians and talkers apply equally to celebrities and plain folk.

Joe B

10:37 PM

Blogger Gaylel said...

Uncle Lloyd,

Speaking of political commentaries, I am wondering what do you make of the Jena 6 controversy now that the major news networks are getting wind of it now after it has been a regional and internet story?

It is now 2007, but it is 1960 all over again and this may be the starting of "The New Civil Rights" movement.

I don't know if you know about the
late Wally George, who had a show on Channel 56, in Orange County (Now Irvine--and Orange County is not so conservative any more, btw)called "Hot Seat"--that show was the preadessor for such commentators like Mr. Big Talk, BOR, and many other who I think are a form of entertaiment, lol.

But Wally's show was the springboard of what you see now on cable and sattalitte televison..

Just a thought..


12:37 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lloyd, Kindly check the last posted comment on your June 27th blogspot. I should have posted it here, but it was more appropriate there. Bill--Toledo Ohio

12:37 PM

Blogger scottst said...

Lloyd, I'm 52 so I can remember some of your shows but not many. I remember Iron Butterfly playing Stone Believer, of all things. And the talking thumbs.

Check out Dennis Kucinich, he seems to be the only presidential candidate worth his weight in salt. I hope he brings a big Bush-eraser with him when he gets elected. - S.

5:54 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Lloyd!
I've just stumbled onto your blog via 'My Belew Marble' - and may I say I am so very thankful to my friend that he provides a link to your lovely blog.
I've just spent the last hour reading your past posts, and upon reading this particular one, felt compelled to comment.
I wholeheartedly second Howard Albrecht's comment- "You wrote it just right. Clearly and cleverly and with great understanding."
Such a breath of fresh air, to read your thoughts on the current 'state of the nation'.
The WORLD needs YOU to run for President of the United States of America! Please, before all is lost - we need someone of your moral fiber to take control of this ship that is fast running aground. But I fear that it is too late, and our course is indelibly set, and the inevitable consequences are frightening. Not just for the USA, but for our shared little blue marble as a whole.

Thank you, Mr. Thaxton, for your clear and concise opinion. I come by this blog from Canada, but I am originally from Australia. I have never seen nor heard of your celebrity, but from what I have seen and read here, it is certainly my loss! As I result, I will definitely be dropping by here for more installments from the Head Cheese of the World-Wide Celebrity Mouse Clique!
Your newest fan,
Vancouver, Canada

1:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good lord. Yours and so many other liberal blogs simply serve to demonstrate the vast chasm between you and conservatives. Such hate you spew forth! And this from the party of the everyman. Right. I delight in the differences in our parties and welcome cogent, sensible arguments from the other side. But spare me your masturbatory fantasies of Republicans walking the plank. We get the government we deserve. And I don't like Bush, either, but for opposite reasons.

9:25 AM


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