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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I don’t know about you, but when I look at all those presidential candidates lined up on stage,I ‘m looking ever so hard to find a winner. Of course at election time a winner will emerge. But, what I’m looking for is a WINNER!

Most likely you have heard about Steven Spielberg’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. That was OK with me. What was not OK were all those letters to the editors putting Spielberg down for doing what he believed in; participating in the election of America’s leaders. “What does a Movie Director know about politics,” some people wrote. Others said, “He should stay out of politics and just make movies.”

Whenever I hear radio talk-show hosts and news commentators say that people in show business should stay out of politics and shouldn’t use their popularity to back candidates for office, it really makes my polytics start acting up something fierce.

Poly: many.
Tics: local and habitual twitching, especially in the face.

Man, my face hurts.

Who would make a better presidential candidate than Spielberg himself. Here's a person who can produce and direct a major motion picture that grosses hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office?

It is my habit to have more than one book going at the same time. I’ve found no better way to be entertained and informed. For example, I’ve just finished reading Al Gore’s latest book, “The Assault on Reason.” At that same time I was reading, “God Is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens, “The Reagan Diaries” by Ronald Reagan, and “Echo Park” by Michael Connelly (Hey, I needed a break from all that heavy stuff).

Here’s a quote from “The Assault on Reason” with which I feel everyone can easily identify.

“Many Americans now feel that our government is unresponsive and that no one in a position of power listens to or cares what they think. They feel disconnected from democracy. They feel that one vote makes no difference, and that they, as individuals, now have no practical means of participating in America’s self-government.”

How many of you feel that you are powerless as far as your government is concerned? How many of you don’t vote because you feel that your vote doesn’t count?

Solution: We need more actors, producers, and directors and less lawyers and professional politicians running for office. When directors like Steven Spielberg make a movie they become master leaders and communicators. They put thousands of people to work and run organizations whose goal is to reach great amounts of people. Therefore, who could possibly know more about what the people want? And better yet, have the ability and knowledge to give it to them. You participate in their work by buying a ticket … or not buy a ticket. Your vote counts, at the box office.

A director/producer looks at how many of you bought a ticket or they look at TV ratings to tell how well they are doing. If the grosses continue to be low or the ratings dismal, they are soon out of a job or their show is gone. THEY are gone. Our leaders today seemed to have sidestepped this consequential inconvenience. Could it be possible that they really don’t care what you think?

Actor/President Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, cared. He knew how to reach people. From his years in show business, he knew how to let people feel they were important and that he was listening to them.

Time to make a commitment. If it were possible to vote today for President of the United States and he was running, I would vote for Al Gore. He is a WINNER. He was a member of the House of Representatives, AND a Senator, AND a two-term Vice President of The United States. And even more important, when he ran for president, he got more popular votes than George W. Bush. He not only reads books, he writes books.

Now you might ask why, after saying I thought our government would run better with show business people in charge, I would vote for a politician like Al Gore?

Besides his years of experience in Washington, don’t forget that he also won an Academy Award. If elected he would be the first President of the United States to have an Oscar sitting in the Oval Office.

Now, from what I said above, I don’t want you to think that I am against all lawyers in government. Some of my best friends are lawyers. However, as I said, show business people have to reach millions of people to keep their jobs; A lawyer only has to reach a maximum of 12.

Stay tuned


Blogger William F. Earl said...

Dear Lloyd,

But if Gore DOES NOT run, who is your SECOND choice?

BiLL E. :)
(Campaign 2008 blogsite)

6:04 PM

Blogger Gary said...

My vote is for (should he run)....Dr. Michael Savage.
If he doesn't run, I have NO CLUE who I will vote for.

6:09 PM

Blogger Mike Barer said...

Michael Bloomberg looks good now that he quit GOP.

9:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lloyd.
I'm pretty impressed with Gore also
but I would have a hard time dealing with a first lady named "Tipper".

Who is your second choice?
"Toledo" Jane

11:35 AM

Blogger Mike Barer said...

We had one named "Lady Bird"

4:03 PM

Blogger EV Rider said...

Stay the Course?

The United States is essentially ungovernable. You have a President who’s sitting in the White House as a dictator, under the control, however, of the Vice President. You have a Democratic Party, and a Republican Party, to a large degree, which do not function. They’re unable to face any serious issues. You have an election campaign for President, going on as the primary campaigns, and none of the candidates, now, are really worth voting for. That doesn’t mean as people, they’re not important people, but they’re not capable people. Right now, the system is such that this section of our political class in the United States is now non-functional.

The White House as an institution is cracking up.

Cheney is exerting more power now than the White House. He is involved in things, essentially controlling what the United States does. We’re facing police-state threats here in the United States, but we’re in a situation where the world is going into the greatest financial crisis in all modern history, probably as bad or worse than what Europe experienced during the 14th Century. And there’s no one on the job! In Western Europe, no one’s on the job. In the United States, no one’s on the job.

Oh, and I'm glad you reminded us about actors from our past like good ol' Ronnie Reagan. Wasn't he the one famous for brushing off the press when asked about details concerning the Contras scandal with this quip, "Facts? Oh, you must mean those funny little things that keep getting in the way."

Prior to U.S. entry into World War One, many who opposed this involvement said it was being promoted by industrialists who were operating on the principle that "the primary purpose of war is to funnel public money into private pockets."

It now seems our leaders are acting on the principle that this applies to war and everything else the government does -- almost everyone is acting as if "the primary purpose of government is to funnel public money into private pockets."

Please get the DVD out, Lloyd. We could all use some light relief, and a nostalgic look at happier, gentler times.

4:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good reasoning and good choice....IF he were running! On the subject of film-folks-for-president/or in politics....have you ever seen "Bulworth" with Warren Beatty? Great. I'd vote for THAT guy! Or....George Clooney.

8:49 PM

Blogger Chuck Hinson said...

Spielberg in the White House? Hey ... why not? We have all sorts of "spiel-bergs" (i.e., icebergs who give their long spiels in front of voters) out there as it stands! Why not put a legitimate one on Penn Ave?
The only problem about Gore running (and, incidentally, he could win the Dems; Thompson could sew up the Reps) is that, immediately after his nomination, the hall would sound like an ECW arena, with chants of Gore, Gore, Gore!
Better yet ... ummmm, LLoyd, are you doin' anything for the next four years??
Just curious ...

Keep your eyes on the skies, your feet on the ground, and your heart with the music ...

Rock Relic, Esq. (and other magazines)

10:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as We The People look for leaders to follow, We The People are screwed.

Giving up personal sovereignty betrays the God given freedoms intended to allow us to mature as spiritual beings.

The best choice for president is no president at all. The best system is no system at all.

As so aptly demonstrated, an aversion to anarchy is no protection from chaos.

We suffer due to our irrational fear of anarchy (look up the definition) in our refusal to accept responsibility for our own existence.

11:26 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, I stumbled upon a blog by Lloyd Thaxton?!? Cool beans, LOL.

I remember dancing on his show and winning something like the "Happy Face" contest.

Great "back in the day" memories!!

-- G

3:02 PM


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