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Monday, June 19, 2006


There’s an article written by Staff Writer Scott Collins in the June 19, 2006 addition of the Los Angeles Times.

The article is about Brooke Brodack, a 20-year old receptionist from Massachusetts who goes by the moniker, “Crazed Fan.” After posting her very funny video skits on, she got a call from the producer of NBC’s late-night show “Last Call.” It seems that “One of Brodack’s videos, “Crazed Numa Fan!!!!,” a wry takeoff on the Internet lip-syncing craze … has been viewed more than 1.4 million times since October.”

According to “Last Call” star Carson Daly, “Her directing, her use of music – it was very MTV to me.” The article goes on to say “Carson Daly Productions signed Brodack to an 18-month overall programming development deal.”


I’ve seen Brooke Brodack’s lip-sync act and agree it is very funny and creative. She deserves to get noticed. 1.4 million hits? You bet!

However, that is not what caught my attention. It was the words “The Internet lip-syncing craze” that got to me. It struck me that perhaps my time has arrived once again. There’s an old saying, “What goes around, comes around.” Well, I’m still going around and have no doubt whatsoever who started the lip-sync craze (MTV indeed!). Does the name Lloyd Thaxton strike a familiar note? My apologies to James Brown, but I am the Godfather of Lip-sync. The picture above was The Godfather lip-syncing “Cara Mia” by Jay and The Americans way back in 1965.

Think about this: I, Lloyd Thaxton, have a huge (HUGE!!!) advantage over all those 20-something lip-sync upstarts like Brooke Brodack. At my age, I don’t need to put on special makeup, funny helmets and outrageous costumes to appear silly.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the Godfather of lip-sync. I'll give you that, and more. Your show was just so different. I never felt that you patronized "us kids", as did others. You let us in on the jokes. You had a good time and brought us all along with you.
To this day, I try to keep my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. A good laugh is priceless and costs nothing.
You definitely put the lip in lip-sync. And the sync too, for that matter.
With love & fond memories,

8:11 PM

Blogger Gary said...


4:34 AM

Blogger Gaylel said...

To paraphase a line from Little Richard,

Lloyd was the "innovator"
And the "creator"

And y'all can't touch him...


6:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It have been very appropo if you had hosted "Puttin'On The Hits" back in the 80s.

10:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to mention the inspiration behind the Len Barry single "Lip Sync (To The Tongue Twisters)" which I have on the original Decca 45 (it peaked at #84 on the June 19, 1965 Billboard Hot 100 chart) and THE VERY BEST OF LEN BARRY CD. THe CD booklet has several photos of Len appearing on the show, the best being the one with Len, Lloyd holding the "1-2-3" album and the Channel 13 camera off to the side.

There was the syndicated "Puttin' On The Hits" in the mid 1980's, followed by MTV's own lip-sync show "Lip Service" in the early 90's. On the Internet, you have Gidol! (Google Idol) and Lipsync Idol besides YouTube, webcasting thousands of DIY lip-sync videos.

Just goes to show you were a few decades ahead of the curve, Lloyd.

Joe B.

11:26 AM

Blogger Lloyd Thaxton said...

I wanted to post this myself. It came to my personal email address but I feel I must share it with all you Mouse Cliquers.

It's from Rock & Roll legend, Billy Strange. I worked with Billy back in the 60s and he is a super person, a "Superman." Google Billy if you are not convinced.

He wrote because of my Jerry Lewis posting and said:

Dear Lloyd,

What a touching thing for Jerry to do. Having worked in recording some of his films, I am well aware of his tremendous talents, and have been privy to some of his show of heart to many folks in our business!

Love ya pal.

Billy Strange

Is that great, or what? I love show business.

Lloyd Thaxton

7:28 PM

Blogger Karen said...

Lloyd, Just a question. I watched your show regularly and vividly recall a "hairy character" which was actually made into a doll. I had one of these dolls and I believe it had sunglasses and carried a picket sign. My question is, am I confused as to this hairy thing being on your show? If it was on your show, did it have a name? I've been looking throughout the internet and even on Ebay, but no luck.

Hope someone can refresh my memory!

5:26 PM

Blogger By Ken Levine said...

I remember that troll, too. Nose peeking out under sunglasses. Later he went on to fame as Captain Beefheart.

10:10 PM

Blogger Gary said...

The name of our little furry friend was a "dawk". The great thing is that Lloyd still has the ORIGINAL dawk at home! HEY LLOYD, howzabout posting a picture of him as to what he looks like now??

5:58 AM

Blogger Geno said...

The following video SO reminds me of The Lloyd Thaxton Show. This is an unsettlingly funny send-up of The Cranberries' hit single, "Ode to my Family". Think Carol Burnett meets Lloyd.

12:35 PM

Blogger sharyn said...

Thanks for the smile. I was on the show a few times, even did the lip-sync bit.
Thanks for all the memories and great times you gave all us kids back then... your the best

6:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I can still remember seeing Sonny & Cher for the first time on this show. They were in thier "furry" outfits and I immediately fell in love with Cher. What I also remember and have asked many many friends if they ever saw it, was the greeting cards that were made to lyp-sinc the songs---anyway Lloyd--American Bandstand had nothing on you !!!!!!!

6:05 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I hate to disappoint you but the Godfather of Lip Sync is Jerry Lewis

6:53 AM


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