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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Mouse Pack RULES

Hooray for our side, The Mouse Pack is a success. It has become “The Mouse That Roars.” In case you just tuned in and have no idea what I’m talking about, you can join in by scrolling down to the post titled, “LLOYD THAXTON MOUSE PACK.” Go down and read it, but come straight back up.

A fan named Gary wrote me that he has a Lloyd Thaxton Dawk (my little 60s protest guy) sitting on his bookshelf. He ends his posted comment with, “Dawk Rules!” Remember how in the 60s we all went around shouting things like “Surf Rules!” “Beatles Rule!” “Mouse Pack Rules!? Well, we didn’t shout “Mouse Pack Rules” because the Mouse Pack wasn’t born yet.

I formed the Mouse Pack because of the many fan emails (I call them “Fanny Mails”) I’ve received during the past year. It started when my book “Stuff Happens” came out and my email address was on the back cover. This experience was so wonderful I wanted to find a way we could keep up the communication. Writing individual emails to each person is not only too time consuming, but can’t possibly answer everyone’s questions. So, I started this blog as a way to keep us all together.

But like any Pack, we need some rules (Everybody shout: “Pack Rules!”)

RULE NUMBER ONE: This is NOT going to be a CHAT room. Too many people start chatting with each other and leave everyone else out. WRONG! I want you to ask questions, but I will discuss the question in my regular posts. That way I can answer your questions and pose some new ones I’ve received from past “Fanny Mails.”

RULE NUMBER TWO: You don’t have to always talk about The Lloyd Thaxton Show. We should also be talking about what is happening to us today. I’m sure many of you have some strong opinions on today’s stuff. I know I do and I want to hear your stuff and how you’re dealing with it.

RULE NUMBER THREE: You don’t have to leave a comment, but it would be nice. True Mousers want to know what’s going on in each other’s lives. I’ve made it easier for you to leave a comment. You don’t have to register. Just weigh in and let it all hang out.

RULE NUMBER FOUR: If you want to be on my Fanny Mail list, leave your email address at least once. That way I can keep you up to date on any changes that will be coming along later.

That’s it! Four rules. But, hey, this is your Pack. Maybe you have a couple of rules you would like to suggest. Cool. Do it. As you remember. The Lloyd Thaxton Show was about you. And, so is the Mouse Pack. Shout it out: “MOUSE PACK RULES!”

How about this for our theme song: The Shangri-las’ “The Leader of the Pack?”

My next post will answer a lot of questions. Keep them coming and STAY TUNED.

First question: If I’m from Wisconsin, should I call my chapter, “The Green Bay Mouse Packers? Just asking.

Answer: Yes


Blogger William F. Earl said...

I, too, have a Dawk on a shelf in my home office...the "hair" has faded, but still looks good since my mom bought it for me in 1965!

my e-mail address is:

and my biggest question is:

"Why did they change the format of your show in 1966 AWAY from the storefront, Dawk, and dance party atmosphere, and instead my the show look "bigger", adding Mike Storm, etc.?"

The DAWK forever!

PS..I have posted a pic of The Dawk on my blogsite. Check it out!

BiLL EARL (14 years old in 1965)

5:09 AM

Blogger Sharone Rosen said...

Leader of the Mouse Pack is Purrfect!

Here are some pitful attempts at humorous, alternate choices:

(for the women of the Pack?
We could be the-)
Pistol Mouse-Packin' Mommas.

Pack up Your Mouses in your old kit bag?

Burnin' Down the Mouse?

BEN (oh wait, he was a rat, not a mouse....)

Baby's Got Pack

Pack in the Saddle Again

(okay... that's enough.. if not TOO much)

10:37 AM

Blogger Lloyd Thaxton said...

To Sharone Rosen:

Great ideas. And, funny. However, I would not say "Purrfect" around a Mouser. And that's the truth (not a PACK of lies).


P.S. How about "It's my Packy and I'll Crab if I Want to?"

And to Bill Earl:

Answer to your "biggest question" is coming up in my next post

1:43 PM

Blogger Robert V. said...

Hey Lloyd!

What a great way to walk down memory lane. With one person that I've always found interesting.

One day when the Fight Back crew was going out to a location I missed the van ride and got a chance to hitch a ride with you in your Jeep.

While most of our conversations up to this point had been more business than informal chit chat. With deep dialogue like.... "You want to make an edit where?"

The conversation in the Jeep as we zoomed along the freeway to the location set up, was much more relaxed for me. It gave me a great opportunity to ask so many question I had about the LT Malt Shoppe and many of the pieces of music you played on the show.

The closing theme for the show was an unknown to me at the time. My musical experience wasn't as broad as it need to be. But I remember that when you responded to the question, we sort of got into an Abbott and Costello routine with the answer. "So What!" Which with a little rehearsal could have turned into a well polished routine equal to that of the, "Who's on first?" routine of A & C's. But after the merry-go-round stopped it answered another question as to why the kids yelled at you at the end of the show. When you would say "Until tomorrow this is Lloyd Thaxton." to wit the kids would respond, "SOOOO WHAT! ! !"

Fight Back and the many names it went under from the conception to the end of it very long run on TV, was one of my first editing experiences for me. I have to say that having a producer with your temperament made the experience a pleasure to go to work.

Thanks for inviting me to the blog. While I never had the pleasure to come to the Malt Shoppe. I lived out in Riverside, Ca. at the time. I did enjoy seeing it on many an afternoon after school. Some days I didn't make it home in time, the reason was an easy explantion, I had detention. Hey I never said I was perfect.

Your finger puppets doing the song Happy Jose by Jack Ross lives forever in my mind. If that particular clip is one that still excess. I'd put in my vote to have it in the DVD collection. Or any of the routines where you air conducted some piece of music.

Robert V.

3:20 PM

Blogger William F. Earl said...

RULE NUMBER TWO: You don’t have to always talk about The Lloyd Thaxton Show. We should also be talking about what is happening to us today. I’m sure many of you have some strong opinions on today’s stuff. I know I do and I want to hear your stuff and how you’re dealing with it.


okay, Mr. Thaxton, you're on!

you did ASK, right?

well, here's my "strongest opinion" on "today stuff."

Please, Lloyd, and fellow "mouse packers," check out:

that's all i want to say, but thank you for letting me say it here.

and if i get a big "SO WHAT?", well, I guess I asked for it...LOL

BiLL :)

8:18 PM

Blogger Chuck Hinson said...

Geez .... looks like we're up to a Pack a day now -- and it's SSSSSSSSSMOKINNNNN'!! And no sturgeon-general can stop it ...

Anyway ...

If there's one thing the Show offered kids, it was clean, nonstop movement ... excitement, if you will. The '60's era finally had something it could groove on without either syrupy lead-ins or condescending attitudes. Humor was mixed with music, dancing and great interaction.

Maybe that's what's missing today: an alternative to the negatives that kids are faced with everyday now.

To drive that point home is a lesson in the power of rock-and-roll: During the hour when the Beatles played Ed Sullivan's "really big shew" for the first time, not one major teenage crime was reported in the USA!! Why?? Same as the Show, Lloyd ... excitement, movement ... positive energy! Of course, you were full of it (I MEAN, POSITIVE ENERGY! [WHEW! Did I get out of that one alright?]).

Now ... a question: I've read STUFF HAPPENS so many times I think I might've memorized it (MousePackers: If you haven't read it, you gotta get it! It's pure platinum!). Have you and John considered doing a sequel?

Oh, yeah ... in accordance to the new rulings from the governing HC, I'm Chuck Hinson, my blog is and my email is My shoe size is 9 1/2 and my ...
I know: SO WHAT?!?!

10:58 PM

Blogger Chuck Hinson said...

Geez ... now they're askin' for a word verification??
I mean, I don't mind, but ... when did "axnfarjt" become a word? It ... it almost sounds ... Kentuckian! I mean, I've had people "axnfar" my name or phone number ... but ...

Oh ... I get it: "jt" is what they say when they get mad! Or something like that. When pronounced phonetically. Or blogetically, if you have no phone ...

Anyway ... one of the best things our Head Cheese ever co-produced (outside his lovely family ... including the beautiful country songbird Jennifer Weatherly) is the book, Stuff Happens. Now, if any MousePacker hasn't read it yet, do it! There's a lady here in Ashland who picked up the book after reading about it in my monthly newspaper. She and her husband were having tremendous problems. The book actually helped them look the problems square in the eye, and now they're on their way to mending a lotta fences in their relationship!
Believe me, this book helps!
So, outside the music, just a kudo to the Kid ...

Now ... since you're "axnfarjt", I'll type in the "secret woid" and get this published.

12:40 AM

Blogger Chuck Hinson said...

Geez ... gotta do it again! This time, it's "cfzgt" ... which I heard while getting toast out of my toaster with a knife (it was accompanied by some beautiful, eerie blue sparks. Such beauty. Gave me a tingly feeling all over ...)

12:42 AM

Blogger rogercarroll said...

Lloyd, the show would be great on the Disney Channel............
roger carroll a long long time fan

9:08 PM

Blogger rogercarroll said...

Lloyd the show would be great on the Disney channel...roger carroll a long, long time fan.

9:09 PM


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