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Sunday, December 18, 2005


I don’t like George W Bush as my President. If I got to know him better, I might like him as a “guy;” but that’s not going to happen. Not only did I not vote for him in the last two elections, I am filled with joy that the second time was really the last.

I felt he led us into Iraq too soon and was not ready or knowledgeable enough to deal with the problems his decisions created.

Some people hope George W. Bush fails. They want him to be wrong, so they can gloat. Not me. I hope I’m the one who is wrong.

I hope George W. Bush is right and turns out to be our best President ever.
I hope that the Iraqi people get their freedom.
I hope that this freedom grows throughout the entire region.
I hope that the word “Terrorist” becomes obsolete along with “Crusader.”
I hope that the Israelis and Palestinians will kiss and make up.
I hope that our troops come home feeling they have accomplished something good.
I hope it never happens again.

Hope springs eternal


Blogger Chuck Hinson said...

Lloyd, you're right.
Agreed, the Bush League hasn't been all it was PR'ed to be ... it's contributed to some dilemmas in this last term that's downsized a lot of attitudes.
BUT ... there's always hope. I saw the report tonight, and thought that, maybe --
just MAYBE -- paintin' himself into a corner will get the contractor to admit what he did wrong, let the paint "dry" a bit (easing up the war-heavy stance and concentrate on what's gotta be done for once), and not make the mistakes again.
Got hung up on only one word, though: Victory. Yep, sounds good ... but ... isn't a victory clear-cut, and against a militarily definitive enemy? In Iraq/Pakistan/India/Turkey/England/every-other-part-of-the-world-that-starts-with-a-consonant-or-vowel-, there are these ninnies who call themselves terrorists or insurgents. If, say, we "won" in Iraq, does this "war" continue in other arenas around the globe??
Better idea might be to rethink this "Iraq" thing, keep whatever forces we honestly NEED over there, and get the others re-grouped, briefed and divisions deployed to other major hot-spots -- all the while, doing a MAJOR, IN-YOUR-FACE PR campaign to stop this bullsh ... bovine defecation ... worldwide.
But, as you so rightly say, Lloyd, the potential's there for W to come out of the Bushes and become one of our greatest Presidents ever.
First, he's gotta admit his mistakes ... and go all-out to rectify them.
He started, tonight, with the first.

9:17 PM

Blogger By Ken Levine said...

I hope he realizes this is a tough job and quits.

1:26 AM

Blogger William F. Earl said...

Four words.
EVAN BAYH (D-IN) President, 2008
The horse to BET on.
He's never lost in FIVE elections. Never.

8:29 PM

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